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Issue Date: Vol. 53, No. 8, August 2013, Posted On: 7/29/2013

Bill Aims To Repeal Affordable Care Act Definition Of Full-Time Employment

Emily Jed
TAGS: small business news, health insurance, Save American Workers Act, SAW, 30-hour definition repeal, full-time employment definition, Affordable Care Act employment definitions, Todd Young (R-IN), H.R. 2575

WASHINGTON -- A new bill called the Save American Workers (SAW) Act would repeal the 30-hour definition of "full-time employment" in the Affordable Care Act and restore the traditional 40-hour definition.

Congressman Todd Young (R-IN), a key sponsor of the legislation (H.R. 2575), said hourly workers are seeing their hours cut and their paychecks reduced as a result of the employer mandate, a centerpiece of the law.

He pointed out that the Affordable Care Act marks the first time that full-time employment has been explicitly defined in federal law, and claims it was set at a level that is incompatible with existing legal provisions that use the 40-hour standard. The Congressman instanced that federal law has long dictated that time-and-a-half, or overtime, pay kicks in at 40 hours.

"People in Indiana and all across the country are already feeling the pain of this law because it defines full-time employment as something drastically different than the widely accepted notion of 40 hours per week," said Young. "Repealing this redefinition and restoring it to the historical norm ensures this bill not only protects working poor and middle class employees, it also ensures that laws governing employment are consistent."

Topic: Small Business News

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