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Issue Date: Vol. 53, No. 4, April 2013, Posted On: 3/17/2013

Book Review: 'The Arcade Experience' by Adam Pratt

Review by Kevin Williams
TAGS: Arcade book, The Arcade Experience: A Look Into Modern Arcade Games and Why They Still Matter, Adam Pratt, amusement machine arcade, video game arcade, Kevin Williams, Game Grid Arcade, Arcade Heroes, pinball machine

The Arcade Experience: A Look Into Modern Arcade Games and Why They Still Matter
By Adam Pratt
(Forward by Kevin Williams)
Publication date: March 13, 2013
204pp. | ISBN/EAN-13: 1482757850/9781482757859
Formats: Tablet ($4.99) and paperback ($26.99)

The Arcade Experience book, Adam Pratt, Kevin Williams A new book by arcade operator Adam Pratt, 31, pays homage to the classic amusement arcade while making a case for the arcade's relevance today. Pratt, who owns the Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, UT, and publishes the Arcade Heroes blog, shares his own experiences as the owner of a video arcade and a lifelong videogame fan.

The Arcade Experience: A Look Into Modern Arcade Games and Why They Still Matter covers the amusement arcade's Golden Age, the videogame crash in the 1980s, and the industry's slow recovery and resurgence. It provides a comprehensive history of arcades, an analysis of the present and a glimpse into future possibilities for arcade videogames. Pratt's book is not solely focused on videogames, however, as it looks at the role of classic coin machines like pinball, prize redemption and virtual reality, and all points between these archetypal arcade amusements.

Pratt's book also includes an extensive listing of the most important and popular videogames in today's diverse amusement mix for gamerooms, family entertainment centers, bowling alleys and movie theater lobbies, as well as Asian amusement venues.

The Arcade Experience combines Pratt's four years' experience as an operator, his passion for videogames and his talent as a writer. Thanks to Adam Pratt, the modern arcade industry now has its very own book that takes a serious look at developments and trends, and illustrates the ongoing relevance of arcade entertainment and its international social impact.

To purchase the $4.99 Kindle (or other tablet) version(s), visit Amazon.

The Arcade Experience hardcopy ($26.99) can be purchased at createspace.com/4201106.

Kevin Williams is a principal of KWP Ltd. (London), a digital out-of-home entertainment consultancy group, a founder of the DNA Association and the editor of The Stinger Report.

Topic: Music and Games Features

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