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Issue Date: Vol. 54, No. 8, August 2014, Posted On: 7/29/2014

China Mist Brings Loose-Leaf Iced Teas To Single Cup In EcoCup Capsules

Emily Jed
TAGS: vending, office coffee service, OCS supplies, China Mist Tea, premium loose-leaf iced tea blends, Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee, China Mist EcoCups, China Mist tea capsules, OCS operator, RealCup, Kermit Peterson

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Canada -- China Mist Tea has authorized five of its premium loose-leaf iced tea blends to be packaged in Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee's recyclable EcoCup format. China Mist capsules are brewed hot, served over ice and sweetened to individual taste. They will launch in the fall in blackberry jasmine green, watermelon black, passion fruit black, strawberry herbal and mango herbal blends.

China Mist EcoCups will be available in the U.S. and Canada. National Coffee Service & Vending (Erie, CO) will supply OCS operators and other specialty channels.

EcoCups are an extension of the RealCup brand launched by Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee. They're compatible with all Keurig K-Cup brewers and accepted in many curbside-recycling programs across the country.

"When we set out to find a partner for this format, we knew that taste would be the deal breaker," said Kermit Peterson, president of China Mist. "At China Mist, we've spent over 30 years developing high quality, fantastic-tasting teas and the only way we would consider expanding into the single-serve cup format was if a capsule could produce the same quality taste of our blends."

Peterson said the deal was sealed when the company sampled the EcoCup capsule whole-leaf teas.

Topic: Coffee Service News

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